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About Disabled Veterans

davnashville started this conversation
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xrod1989   in reply to davnashville
Hello im a veteran in need. I got out of the Marine Corpse in 2012 and have recently lost everything. Its been a long journey for me and am seeking assistance getting on the right path to stability for me and my family.
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forster   in reply to davnashville
please callme at 704-502-1388 david curtis
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 in response to davnashville...   How?i have neurologocal damage to the right side of my concentration really trying to go back to college,but im afraid I will not be able to endure everyday of body is over and over again exhausted,when I used to be the 300+ guy that was the one helping others with their physical fitness test.i am completely opposite now and trying to fight it.-jericho
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Elaine of TSA
 in response to Jer19751975...   check out probono legal services for benefits appeals:
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 in response to davnashville...   I am a stage 4 cancer survivor to my throat I got from iraq.30%for the cancer&50%for ptsd.i was denied aw2,tsgli,grants because I didnt get shot.however,i was a month from being dead from the short cut they took to burn garbage.meb stated"service connected from iraq",not combat related,so I pay taxes on my dissability.whats od is that it says"instrument of war"on my retirement orders.i dont get the benefits I should get,why?aw2 program said I have to have a noncurable cancer to qualify,yet my comrade who has pins in his hands qualifies.this had been devistating for me.i was in the army for 14years and never have I been treated like this. I gave my all and they lost a good leader and mentor to many soldiers.i feel really used.VA is still reviewing my case and I turned in my claim 6mo before I medically retired.retired feb2010.they took my juggler vein,a long muscle from my ear to my collar bone,95lymph nodes and my tonsils,all on the right side of my neck.also gave me chemo and radiation.this has mentally,physically and financially destroyed me.why do I have to get paid way less than I did in the military for something that isnt even my fault?I feel like I have been slapped in the face and they know they r wrong and they still get away with it._ssg(ret)b
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There are many way you can make money as a diabled veteran. Drop me a line and we will go over some.

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